ACCF is committed to helping people with limited finances and special needs receive funds to assist in meeting their financial obligations. ACCF is also committed to help reduce the stress of this diagnosis on children, their parents and shine a light of hope and joy while managing the disease. Thanks to the generous support we receive from our community of donors, we are able to award a limited number of partial and full individual grants to qualified applicants.


We have 3 Unique Family Programs:


A Hope and a dream Program:

This program provides a variety of gift-in-kind donations such as toys, inspiring materials, clothes, books, and crafts. It is our wish that these gifts will encourage kids who are enduring cancer treatments, to remember the joys of childhood while inspiring them to remain hopeful about their future.


You Can Help ‘ONE’ Family Assistance Program:

The You Can Help ONE Family Assistance Program was created to assist family’s whose child is currently managing a cancer diagnosis. The program provides the family with financial support to ease burdens in order to promote a focus on their children’s wellbeing instead.


Education & Awareness:

ACCF firmly believes in educating parents about possible preventative measures they can take to reduce the risk of cancer for them and their children.